How To Earn Extra Money In Jacksonville, Florida


Everyone could always use some extra money. The good news is, there are a lot of different ways that you can bring in some extra cash in Jacksonville, Florida that don’t require a ton of time or effort. None of these ideas will make you rich. However, they usually will give you a little bit of extra money to play around with. One simple idea is to hold a garage sale. Jacksonville has nice weather practically year-round. That means that it is the perfect area for yard sales. Be sure to advertise your sale well in advance, putting up flyers and posting an ad in the local newspaper. You can also advertise online through sites like Craigslist. Don’t forget to mention some of the most interesting or valuable items that you have available for sale. This will help draw more people in. If you really want to get a great turnout, talk to some of your neighbors, as well, to […]

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